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Phor Tan Dam Mai Kru2015Lee Reynolds





Phor Tan Dam, Wat Mai Naparam, Narathiwat is known for his hand made pidta, mai tao and mai kru following method of Tok Raja (Phor Tan Kron).

While Phor Tan Dam was not a direct disciple of Tok Raja, he learned his practice from Luang Phor Dee of Wat Sanghasitharam, Narathiwat.

It was Luang Phor Dee who was a disciple of Tok Raja of Wat Uttamaram or Wat Bang Sae, Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia.

Luang Phor Dee studied wicha and katha for protection, Metta MahaNiyom and MahaLap from Tok Raja.

Phor Tan Dam in kind studied katha and wicha from Luang Phor Dee. His pidta is made by the same method but the composition of holy powder, wan, herb and pinang is different, unique with Phor Tan Dam. This material is applied to the top cap of the mai kru. The cap is visible in my photography.

Look closely and you will recognize half round dark grey matter on the clip end. There is also takrut inside the mai.


Phor Tan Dam was born in the Year of the Snake on Tuesday April 15, BE 2484 (1941). His home village was Kg. Kok Jumbok, Tak Bai, Narathiwat, Thailand.

His birth name is Dam Krai Noi. He entered monkhood on the 26th July BE 2504 in Wat Mai Naparam. His Buddhist name is Phor Tan (or Luang Phor)

Dam Janthasaro and has been conferred the title of Phrakru Nipphanviharati. In BE 2518, Phor Tan Dam was appointed ChaoAwat (Chief Monk)

of Wat Mai Naparam, Narathiwat. In BE 2527, he was appointed ChaoKanat Thamboon Kaet Song. In BE 2528, he was appointed Upacha.

Luang Phor Dam passed away at age 67 on Dec 2, BE 2551 (2008).



Mai Kru LP Dam, Wat Mai Naparam, c.BE 2536, Narathiwat