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Rien Sema Wai Kang, Phor Tan Klai
  • Size:
  • 3.2x2.4 phim
  • Year:
  • BE 2500 
  • Amulet Ref:
  • LCR30
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  • Available

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Rien Sema Wai Kang, Phor Tan Klai
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Rien Sema Wai Kang, Phor Tan Klai
Rien Sema Wai Kang, Phor Tan Klai





Rien Sema Wai Kang, Phor Tan Klai, Wat Suan Khan, BE 2500, Phim Tamada, Song Yak (double notch), Block Song (2nd block), Neua Tong Daeng Rom Dam (blackened copper), Nakhon Sritammarat .





Phor Tan Klai is one of the most respected monks in southern Thailand. It is rumored that whatever he said or predicted would often came true. He was then by many given the title "Golden Mouth"..

When Phor Tan Klai was 14 years old, he went with his uncle to chop firewood. The tree he was chopping fell and crushed his left leg. Phor Tan Klai thought this to be a minor matter, only a small injury and did not seek medical attention. Infection worsened. His left ankle was shattered, swelling increased and the pain became unbearable.

When Phor Tan Klai could no longer stand the pain, he grasp a sharp knife and chopped of the swollen ankle. With the aid of natural herbs and medical attention the bleeding eventually stopped and the leg healed.

Phor Tan Klai often moved around on water buffalos to aid mobility. He was ordained at the age of 15 and at 26 became the temple abbot.

Phor Tan Klai was born in 1876 and passed away in 1970 (B.E 2513) at the age of 94. His body is still intact and present for viewing at Wat TattNoi (Wat ChanDi).



The Legend

When people in west Malaysia heard of the legend of the "Golden Mouth" monk, a lot of people went to Thailand in search of Phor Tan Klai to ask for lottery numbers. Eventually Phor Tan Klai shook his head and would say nothing. Someone managed to find a way around this by holding up a number and asking if it is good. Phor Tan Klai replied that it was not bad. Afterwards this clever and fortunate sole bought a lottery ticket and struck it rich.