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Somdej Pim Somkor (Uncommon/Rare) BE 2495
  • Size:
  • 2.8x1.8 phim
  • Year:
  • BE 2495 
  • Amulet Ref:
  • LCR293
  • Status :
  • SOLD

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Somdej Pim Somkor (Uncommon/Rare) BE 2495
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Somdej Pim Somkor (Uncommon/Rare) BE 2495
Somdej Pim Somkor (Uncommon/Rare) BE 2495




Somdej Pim Somkor (Uncommon/Rare), LP Nak, wat Rakhang, Bangkok



Luang Phor Nak is well known for his efficacous somdej amulets having studied ancient texts and manuscripts, in particular LP Toh’s magic book .
Luang Phor Nak was born on August 1st, B.E.2427, to the family of Mr.Pom Marurngsit and Mrs.Suan Marurngsit, locals of Nakonrachsima Province.
He was ordained a novice when he was a young teenager at Wat Bung, Nakonrachsima Province. In B.E.2448, he was officially ordained a Buddhist monk at Wat Rakhang Kositaram, Bangkok, aged 21.
Since then Luang Phor Nak has dedicated his life to serve the temple and all Buddhists.
One important deed that is often associated with Luang Phor Nak whilst at the temple, was that he used to collect all the discarded sacred objects.
This simple action was to become increasingly more important as the years went by.
The general Thai belief at that time was any sacred objects that had become damaged, such as shrines, amulets, water bowls etc should not be kept at home, for the fear of bringing bad luck. These objects would often be returned to the temple.

Luang Phor Nak did not like to see these kinds of sacred objects mixed with the general trash, and as such he used to collect and preserve in his monks house.
He also did not want to see sacred amulets that had been damaged, destroyed needlessly. He decided to recycle this raw material to create new amulets. It was his belief that every single atom of the old amulets had been infused with sacred power, broken or not.  Essentially these materials having already been blessed by some of the greatest living monks were priceless.
Obviously we know today, that he was right, and are grateful for his foresight. As the disciple of Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Toh, it is no surprise that his newly created amulets followed the procedures exactly as laid down by this great monk.
Some have said that Luang Phor Nak was not a disciple of Phra Buddhacharn Toh, as he was not even born when the great monk had died. This is simply not an accurate assessment. Knowledge is passed from generation to generation and LP Nak studied ancient texts and manuscripts, in particular LP Toh’s magic book, and as such is known as a true disciple.
Particularly famous and very popular are his amulets created during the period BE 2485- BE2495. Prices have increased sharply in recent years, and will continue to do so. These amulets are not only popular in Thailand, but worldwide. Many people have experienced the sacred power and protection that these amulets afford. Many have made a comparison between these amulets and the original Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom amulets, some of the most sacred in Thai history.
Such is their popularity that these amulets are fast disappearing from the market. 
On January 15th, B.E.2514, Luang Phor Nak passed away at Sirirach Hospital, Bangkok, aged 87, and having served Buddhism for 66 years.