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Yoni, LP Pina, Wat Tan Quay
  • Size:
  • 4.7x3.6 cased
  • Year:
  • BE 2510-2520 
  • Amulet Ref:
  • LCR69
  • Status :
  • SOLD

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Yoni, LP Pina, Wat Tan Quay
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Yoni, LP Pina, Wat Tan Quay
Yoni, LP Pina, Wat Tan Quay








LP Pinak Wat Tan Quad

LP Pinak Piyasulo was born in Amper Tatan Janwad Utthaitani on the 1st of March 2456 (1913) and was described as a outgoing young man that loves to enjoy life and live care free.


Temple Chronology

- Wat Tan Sulatkang Janwad Nakorn Si Tammarat
- Wat Tan Quay Janwad Petchaboon (Where earlier amulets were produced)
- Wat Sanamlao (His final temple and location where he attained Arahanghood)
- LP Pinak’s attained arahanghood whist mediating in sitting posture.

LP Pinak was known to be one of Thailand’s greatest mediation masters having learned from Luang Pu Mun Buritoe who himself ws disciple of Luang Ta Mahabua of Wat Pla Bundat Janwad Udonthani. This with the addition of wiccha (magic) learned in his 42 years as forest monk enabled creation of some of the most powerful amulets ever made. .

During high levels of meditation LP Pinak obtained wiccha from a Deva named Prah Palimard or Prah Sood.


LP Pinak raised funds for 30 temples throughout his journey, most notably Wat Tan Sulatkang Janwad Nalorn Si Tammarat, Wat Tan Quay Janward Petchaboon and his final temple Wat Sanamlao.


LP Pina relocated to Saraburi in 2527 and would build his last temple Wat Sanamlao which was completed in 2530. He would spend his last 19 pansas (rain retreats) there before attaining arahanghood, a state where one is completely detached to the material world, on the 13 of November 2545.




Yoni, LP Pina, Wat Tan Quay, c.BE 2510-2520, w/silver case