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LP Koon - Pra Pitda BE 2537201504 June 2011Chris Jones

Phra Pitda-Chae-Nammontra (RARE) _ LP Koon Wat Banrai

The followers of Luang Phor Koon Parisutho joined together to celebrate his 72nd birthday (or 6 rounds according to the Chinese belief  where 12 years are counted as 1 round) on October 4th, B.E.2537.


An elerly LP Koon

On the occasion, a series of sacred amulets were created to commemorate his birthday called "Phra Somdej-Chae-Nummontra amulets and Pra Pitda amulets (19th model, last version)". 

The creation ceremony was a great occasion  because Luang Phor Koon Parisutho had said that the amulets might be the last version consecrated by himself at Wat Banrai, and Luang Phor Koon Parisutho commenced reciting the sacred spell for as long as 72 days to transfer the magic power into the amulets.

On August 10th, B.E.2537 they first appeared for sale, the amulets were sold almost immediately and as a consequence the price rose rapidly. You are unlikely to ever see these amulets in the market as most devotees hold on to them with great affection. In addition to that Luang Phor Koon destroyed the moulds to ensure no further copies could be made in the future.

Fortunately, my father in law purchased two of these amulets in B.E.2537 and I am prepared to let them go to someone who would appreciate this beautiful and quite valuable amulet.  

The  Phra Pitda-Chae-Nummontra amulets (19th model, last version) are embedded with a single gold Takrut and come in the original presentation case.

I cant stress how important these amulets are, and particularly so to anyone who who admires Luang Phor Koon.

You may also be suprised to know that even the LP koon rien on the front of the box has quite a high value in itself.