About Us

I am an American collector having resided in Asia for more than 7 years. I have worked in high tech for most of my adult life but hold a Master's Degree in Fine Arts, the passion for which I share here.

My collection comes from a personal commitment to beauty, power and investment, all 3 recognized characteristics of Thai amulets. I share passion as I identify meaning in humanity and manifestation of discovery.  

The amulets shown in our gallery are are considered to be amongst the very best sacralised during the last century.

Whilst some amulets blessed by popular monks can be exceptionally expensive, the experienced collector is aware that there are also lesser known alternatives that are equally as efficacous. I offer both with full guarantee of authenticity. 

I present a balanced view of the market, sensible advice and invaluable background information allowing you to make an informed choice.

Our unique knowledgebase is a wealth of information for both novice and advanced collectors alike. Take your time to browse the various articles, covering all aspects of this fascinating interest.